Trends and opportunities for a tourism 2.0

The last couple of weeks, KonsulTra has been closely monitoring the Belgian travel market on behalve of its clients. At the beginning of the year, we were still talking about the growth of the Belgian market. In recent years, we have seen the wanderlust among Belgians grow and the forecasts for 2020 were promising. Now the travel industry is in the middle of the storm. The challenges are enormous, but in time there are also opportunities in the development of a tourism 2.0.

The situation is changing rapidly. When communicating about the current situation, measures and the crisis situation, one is quickly overtaken by reality. If you would like to have insights in the current market situation for your travel brand or destination, you can always contact us. We are happy to help.

We like to constantly look for opportunities in the market. Not only for ways to continue communicating now, but also for trends for the future. Trends that are likely to be accelerated by the current covid-19 crisis. We already saw a changing travel behavior towards other forms of holidays, traveling with more purpose, more awareness with more value for yourself and respect for your environment.

Trends that will undoubtedly accelerate

  • Traveling with more purpose and personal value

Consumers are looking at other ways to travel, with more enriching experiences. It doesn’t always have to be sun, sea and beach anymore. Travelers discover new destinations, new ways to discover a country, with a sense of authentic experiences. Travel is evolving away from mainstream towards experiences with more personal value. That is why you see niches in the travel market becoming increasingly important. Travel more tailored to interests, hobbies and life philosophy. The way we travel and the choices we make are changing.

  • Growing awareness for sustainable travel

Shame of flying, shame of traveling, these are reflections that you hear more and more often in the media. Indeed, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the world. As a travel brand or destination you must take into account the growing awareness of sustainability. Tourism in balance with local communities and with the world we live in.

  • Wellness, health and active holidays

Wellness trips, fitness holidays, yoga trips, meditation. People are becoming more aware of their heath and their own body. They want time for themselves. Time to work on mental and physical health. A trend that is also reflected in travel, whether by couples, singles or small groups. Also active holidays in the outdoors are picking up on importance.

  • Multi-generation holidays

In our hectic life, the chances of really being together are very limited. The same applies to different generations in families. Grandparents going on holiday with their children and grandchildren are no longer an exception. Now that we have had to miss each other a lot, these multi-generation holidays will be planned even more often.

Are there any chances of a tourism 2.0?

Today your priority is in relaunching tourism. But after that comes an opportunity for your destination or travel brand to think about a tourism 2.0.

Hopefully we will all see the real value of travel again. Because traveling is a unique opportunity to enjoy life, but also to learn and grow. In contact with local people from all over the world, but also with respect for their living environment. A more sustainable way of traveling where you can safely take a closer look at the margins for the travel industry and the return for all stakeholders.

So it is probably time to look at trends, holiday experiences and holiday products.

KonsulTra often zooms in on trends and travel niches. Together with our customers, we analyze the opportunities in the market, we look at how we can process them and we set up a targeted action or communication plan in order to further develop the market. 

Kris Van den Broeck


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