Why you can’t stop communicating now

As a travel brand or holiday destination, it is an uncertain period. The perspective on recovery or its timing is often lacking. However, it is important that you do not stop communicating. Travelers continue to search for inspiration and dream about future trips. Consumers are generally even more open to advertisements. If you keep communicating, you will build a bond with your customers or visitors allowing you to have a head start on your competitors when the situation starts to normalize. 

In a latest consumer survey by the study firm GFK you see that people are afraid of the economic impact of the corona crisis, but that they often have a less gloomy view of their own financial situation. They continue to spend. 30% of them now spend even more than before. Of those who spend less, saving for a next trip is in the first place in terms of concrete future purchases (11%).

In general, consumers are also easier to reach. They spend up to 60% more time on the internet or on television. And when they do, they are even more receptive to commercial messages. 23% now look at advertisements more often, as long as the message is adapted to the situation. Push less towards conversion in your travel marketing, but show understanding of the situation, build stronger relationships with your customers or visitors and establish a database that you can use later on for remarketing purposes. 

Also, don’t forget the travel professionals. They played a crucial role in the repatriation of their clients and showed their added value as a travel agent or tour operator. It is going to be a difficult period for them. In time, however, they have additional opportunities to re-bind travelers.

Communicate as a travel brand or destination with those travel professionals. Organize webinars or set up online trainings allowing them to delve into your product during this period and soon generate extra sales. Also help them with inspiration, videos, photos, recipes or other things they can use to help their customers dream about vacations and keep their communication channels up and running. 

The latter is generally very important. Everybody in the industry must continue to radiate that special holiday feeling and show confidence in the relaunch of tourism. 

But how do you get started? How can you continue your communication efforts with an adapted content and reach the traveler efficiently? After all, you don’t want to spend big marketing budgets as long as the situation remains uncertain. We have listed a number of good examples and cases for you.

Kris Van den Broeck


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