Travel promotion during the current crisis. How to create new opportunities?

2020 will be a year that we will not soon forget. The travel sector has been hit hard. Yet there were also opportunities. Holidays in our own country were rediscovered, just like the splendour of our own region during cycling or walking tours. People spent more time in nature. The interest in active holidays is on the rise. And nearby destinations will flourish.

Moreover, during the summer months, more than 3 million Belgians went on holiday. They did not loose their travel appetite. Also in 2021 there will be opportunities with tourists looking for new experiences.

But how do you make your location, accommodation, region, activity,… the most suitable for the Belgian tourist in 2021? What type of activities should you offer? And how do you take care of your travel promotion?

Konsultra and CityD-WES, two organisations with many years of experience in the tourism sector, join forces.

Together we offer insights in the current trends and we provide practical tools allowing you to take fully advantages of the existing opportunities.

Our solutions
3 levels

Level 1: Learning from existing studies

Here we look at existing studies, market trends and our own insights. KonsulTra and CityD-WES have a lot of reference work and our own studies on which we can rely. We map out research and insights from the past few months and translate them into the needs and scale of your location, accommodation, region or activity. We immediately do this translation hands-on, with practical tools and to-the-point recommendations.

Budget: 1.500 Euro

Level 2: Targeted additional research

With this solution we are going to supplement the available knowledge with some specific questions and objectives. We will take these into account in our existing tools and solutions such as the Consumeter, where we gauge consumer behaviour. A survey of relevant target groups, stakeholders and experts is also possible. Each time with the intention of being able to support your location, accommodation, region or activity in a more budget-friendly way.

Budget: 1.500 Euro + Supplements based on your wishes

Level 3: A tailor-made analysis

Together we look at the objectives and determine our approach and way of working composed entirely to your needs. The end result is an analysis with recommendations and concrete tips for your location, accommodation, region or activity. From positioning, through product development to action-oriented communication. We ensure that the information is usable and immediately applicable in practice.

Budget: tailor-made proposal


Are you curious about the possibilities and would you like to receive more information? Send us an email to We will be happy to schedule in a call so that we can look at the right option together.

Who is CityD-WES?

The CityD-WES Group has two branches (Bruges and Houthalen-Helchteren) and a team of experts in various fields. With two strong brand names, CityD and DataD, we assist the tourism sector in their projects.

DataD, dynamic research and strategy focuses on (market) research and strategic development for companies and social organisations in their search for repositioning, market opportunities, feasibility/potential or optimisation. CityD, dynamic city improvement stands for strategic research into the desirability and feasibility of urban facilities such as retail, tourism, leisure and housing.

More information:

Kris Van den Broeck


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