Belgians want to travel in 2021

Research by ABTO (Association of Belgian Tour Operators) and the GFK study agency clearly shows that the Belgian holidaymaker is planning to go on holiday again. Three out of four want to do so this year, and more than half of them still this summer. There is clearly potential for destinations or travel companies. After all, 64% has not booked yet and when the Belgians are going to travel, they will also spend a higher budget.

3 in 4 Belgians want to travel in 2021

Every month, the GFK study agency asks Belgians about their travel behaviour. Several times a year, they also survey their intention to travel. From the last survey in February, it appears that 73% of Belgians want to go on holiday this year. 1 in 4 want to travel in July. Another 25% plans on traveling in August or September. 

The travel budget is increasing

The average budget per person is rising considerably. Belgians will spend about 16% more than before Corona. For package holidays (plane + stay), the planned budget goes from 1,051 Euros (before Corona) to 1,290 Euros per person (+23%). 

Last year, Belgians saved a record amount. In total, there are about 300 billion Euros on their savings books. Travel is at the top of future spending after the crisis. 

Especially abroad but also staying in Belgium

France is strengthening its position as the number one holiday destination for Belgians (all modes of transport): 1 in 4 intend to go to ‘la douce France’ this year (before Corona, this was only 15%). 12,8% prefer to stay in their own country (before Corona 9,7%). Spain, Italy and Greece complete the top 5 of favourite destinations. It is also noteworthy that more than half of those who would leave by plane want to go on holiday outside of Europe (including Turkey and North Africa), destinations where there are currently very few travel opportunities. 

A lot of opportunities

So, there are still many opportunities for travel companies, tourist attractions, accommodation or tourist destinations. It was just announced in the press that the Belgian government would lift the travel ban as of the 19th of April. It will be important to prepare things for a restart in the coming weeks. Belgians want to travel, plan to do so this year and want to spend a little extra on it. 

Do you want more details? Are you looking for support in reaching the Belgian who wants to go on holiday soon? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Kris Van den Broeck


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