The Hague, a Sea of Space

A city with a sea of space, for relaxing, walking and cycling, for bathing in culture and savouring the gastronomy. Together with The Hague Marketing, we are promoting this city by the sea during the coming weeks.Because here you have many options for a nice autumn break.

We are zooming in on the activities that Flemings prefer and building a campaign around them. With a focus on online marketing. Creating awareness through a video campaign, stimulating web traffic and following up interested visitors. We set to work and until November we put the destination in the picture by means of a clever online campaign.

Do you also want to promote your destination or product on the tourism market in Belgium or the Benelux? Are you looking for the right angles or segments to focus on? Contact us and we will gladly look into it further with you.

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The hidden gems of true Germany

Under the title German.Local.Culture. we sent tv celebrity Katja Retsin on a road trip along lesser-known places in Germany. In each city locals welcomed her with open arms and guided her around showing why Belgians should come and discover their favorite spots. Always away from the well-known tourist attractions, towards the real German stories. The result is a campaign for the German National Tourist Office that focuses on true Germany, in which residents show off authentic crafts and the most beautiful hidden gems. A campaign that shows the destination in a different way.

A total of 16 video stories and 8 city videos give shape to a microsite that has been specially developed for this campaign. Until the end of November, we will build awareness and generate traffic through various media channels and an extensive online campaign.

Curious? The trailer below shows you what to expect. All stories and more info can be found on

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The travel market is getting back on track

Over the past few weeks, we have seen more and more positive signs. Travel professionals saw the requests and reservations coming in. Promotional campaigns were launched. And Belgians showed in a latest travel intention survey by ABTO-GFK that they are actually planning to turn their travel dreams into actual travel plans in the next 12 months.

During the month of May, ABTO-GFK (the Association of Belgian Tour Operators) launched a new travel intention survey. This happened just after the travel ban was lifted. The results are therefore particularly relevant and provide a good picture of what Belgian holidaymakers are planning. We present some important conclusions from this research.

The desire to travel is high

Whereas 82% of Belgians said they would travel in the next 12 months before the crisis, that figure is now 76%. And most of them had not yet booked in May (when the survey was conducted). People are waiting and deciding to travel closer to the departure date and the destination also depends on the travel restrictions and possibilities of the moment.

Car still in the lead just like nearby destinations, but pursuers gain ground

The car (40%) is still the preferred means of transport. However, we are slowly seeing the aeroplane (37%) gaining ground as well. Until recently, Belgians generally chose to travel to neighbouring countries. France is still the most popular destination, but we see Spain, Italy and Greece gaining ground again. It shows that confidence has returned somewhat. This is also good for the organised travel industry, which has more to gain from a revival of flight destinations.

Organised or self-booking

Just because of the choice to stay closer to home and to travel more by car, you see that more than before Corona, people choose to organise their holidays themselves (from 58% to 60%). However, you would think that given today’s complexity and the risk that still exists, people would opt for the security of professional advice and the guarantees of the travel sector.

The peak shifts from July to September

For corona, July was the absolute peak month. Now, holidaymakers are heading out later. They follow the process of vaccinations and therefore wait a little longer until August or September (23%) to travel. So, everything is moving forward and bookings are being made much closer to the time of departure.

We all hope for a stable summer where the vaccinations continue to do their job. In any case, it is certain that locking up countries and travel even further is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and defend. Today, Europe is opening up further. In many long haul destinations, tourism is still groaning and it is hoped that here too tourists will soon be welcome again.

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Looking back at the Costa Brava Week

During the past year, we have (out of necessity) had quite a few online events and webinars. These quickly proved however to be a perfect way to keep in touch with the industry, learn, get inspired and network online. How this will evolve after the summer, remains to be seen. Will it be online only, physical only or a balanced balance between both.

But that one can also mark the occasion with online events was proven by the Costa Brava and Gerona Pyrenees week we organised at the end of April. That was an online event with all the trimmings. Fascinating presentations that looked like tailor-made documentaries, more than 500 one-on-one meetings between local partners and Belgian professionals, lots of journalists and influencers, goodie boxes that literally immersed you in the flavours and aromas of the destination, numerous prizes to be won, etc.

For the goodie boxes, the prizes and the meetings, you had to be there yourself 😉 . But we don’t want to withhold the video presentations from you. A great example of how it can be done. A chance to relive them.

Nature, Outdoor & Sports

Luxury, Golf and Wellness

Culture, Gastronomy and Wine

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Welcome to the Heart of the Catalan Pyrenees

A while back we already started with all the preparations. We were going to market the Catalan Pyrenees and the region of Lleida. The destination clearly has a lot of potential. You can choose to have an active holiday. But there is just as much culture, gastronomy and lifestyle on offer. We went on a trip with Katja Retsin, a Flemish TV personality. Together we discovered this Catalan destination.

The corona pandemic threw a spanner in the works, but soon we will push the start button. 3 video stories will zoom in on some specific segments. Each one a good reason to head for the Catalan Pyrenees. You can preview them here.

Adventure in the Heart of the Catalan Pyreneens

Culture in the Heart of the Catalan Pyrenees

A taste of life in the Heart of the Catalan Pyrenees

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Tenerife No Limits and Tenerife Select Videomarketing campaign

That Tenerife is so much more than just sun, sea and sand should become clear by now. The destination is increasingly focusing on many unique experiences. There is also a wide range of options for those who want to explore during their holiday.

The Tourism Board has developed two brands that zoom in on many local experiences. Tenerife Select highlights everything for them who love comfort and luxury. Tenerife No Limits showcases the wide range of options for the more active traveller.

To put the story of both brands better in the picture, we decided to launch a video storytelling campaign. With the team of our own TripTelling brand, we went to the destination. We teamed up with YouTuber and actress Laura Ponticorvo for the Netherlands and with radio DJ and presenter Nasrien Cnops for Belgium. Their experiences shaped two fun video stories.

Through programmatic buying and a social media campaign, we achieved a reach of over 3 million impressions, 80,000 views and more than 3,000 clicks. But we are not stopping there. The videos will continue to be used in various campaigns in the coming period. Below you can discover them for yourself.

Tenerife No Limits

Tenerife Select

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Belgians want to travel in 2021

Research by ABTO (Association of Belgian Tour Operators) and the GFK study agency clearly shows that the Belgian holidaymaker is planning to go on holiday again. Three out of four want to do so this year, and more than half of them still this summer. There is clearly potential for destinations or travel companies. After all, 64% has not booked yet and when the Belgians are going to travel, they will also spend a higher budget.

3 in 4 Belgians want to travel in 2021

Every month, the GFK study agency asks Belgians about their travel behaviour. Several times a year, they also survey their intention to travel. From the last survey in February, it appears that 73% of Belgians want to go on holiday this year. 1 in 4 want to travel in July. Another 25% plans on traveling in August or September. 

The travel budget is increasing

The average budget per person is rising considerably. Belgians will spend about 16% more than before Corona. For package holidays (plane + stay), the planned budget goes from 1,051 Euros (before Corona) to 1,290 Euros per person (+23%). 

Last year, Belgians saved a record amount. In total, there are about 300 billion Euros on their savings books. Travel is at the top of future spending after the crisis. 

Especially abroad but also staying in Belgium

France is strengthening its position as the number one holiday destination for Belgians (all modes of transport): 1 in 4 intend to go to ‘la douce France’ this year (before Corona, this was only 15%). 12,8% prefer to stay in their own country (before Corona 9,7%). Spain, Italy and Greece complete the top 5 of favourite destinations. It is also noteworthy that more than half of those who would leave by plane want to go on holiday outside of Europe (including Turkey and North Africa), destinations where there are currently very few travel opportunities. 

A lot of opportunities

So, there are still many opportunities for travel companies, tourist attractions, accommodation or tourist destinations. It was just announced in the press that the Belgian government would lift the travel ban as of the 19th of April. It will be important to prepare things for a restart in the coming weeks. Belgians want to travel, plan to do so this year and want to spend a little extra on it. 

Do you want more details? Are you looking for support in reaching the Belgian who wants to go on holiday soon? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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War Heritage Institute, positioning and promotion

The War Heritage Institute has an important mission. Remember the conflicts of the past. And that is important. Belgium was often at the crossroads of historical conflicts and you can relive them in many places. The WHI groups six of these sites: the Royal Military Museum in Brussels, the Fort of Breendonk in Willebroek, the Trench of Death in Diksmuide, the Command Bunker Kemmel, Bastogne Barracks in Bastogne and Gunfire in Brasschaat.

Since remembering those conflicts of the past is so important, they started looking for a partner to develop, position and promote the WHI and the sites so that the memory does not get lost. Together with CityD-WES and Arrowminded, KonsulTra will work to market the sites in a strong but also credible way. 

In the past we have already collaborated on various other projects. As complementary partners, we have already dealt with numerous issues concerning heritage (Flanders Heritage Venues – Tourism Flanders and re-use Brewery Verhaeghe) and culture and experience (DIVA, Het Steen Antwerp, ICC Ghent and the Wintertuin / Ursulineninstituut). But we also master city marketing (references Hoogstraten and Zemst) and tourist communication (NBTC Netherlands, Westtoer, Tenerife, etc.).

Together we will develop the sites of the WHI – and overarching the War Heritage Institute itself – into the reference point in the field of history and memory of (international) conflicts on Belgian territory or in which Belgians were involved abroad. In this way we will do our part to keep remembering the past so that we never make the same mistakes in the future.

Do you also wish to look for the right way to position your destination, tourist attraction or travel company? Would you like to know the possibilities to build in extra experience and storytelling during the visit or in your communication? Would you like to translate that into DNA, identity and storylines? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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The Netherlands host country in new Gault & Millau Culinary Guide book

We were able to spoil our taste buds a little less this year, but the online alternative as launch of the new Gault & Millau was surely appealing to us. It was an ideal moment to kick off our Culinary Netherlands campaign. Thanks to a powerful video message, it became immediately clear. The Netherlands innovates. The Netherlands is at a high gastronomic level. And as a lover of culinary holidays, you will be able to discover that for yourself soon. Curious about what the destination and five of its partners have to offer? Surf to

Over the coming year, we will launch numerous actions to further underline this message. This video brings the perfect preview.

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Supporting Hungary with their Benelux development

In the coming weeks and months, KonsulTra will support the Tourist Board of Hungary with their market development. Last summer, Belgium suddenly turned out to be at the top of the incoming markets. The signal for the Hungarian Tourist Office to make market development in Belgium a priority.

We will help them organise webinars, send out B2B newsletters and press releases and establish contacts with the right tourism players. For 2021, we will look together at how we can maximise their tourism potential.

About Hungary

Hungary is at the heart of Europe. The River Danube flows through the bustling capital Budapest towards the south of the country, which is characterised by endless forests and a wide variety of thermal baths. In addition, a gastronomic revolution has taken place in Hungary in recent years. Restaurants, bistros and street food stalls can be found on almost every street corner of the capital, while in the countryside, too, the best local wines can be enjoyed all year round. Whether it’s a visit to the sophisticated university town of Szeged, a trip to one of no less than eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites (including the ancient town of Hollókö and Buda Castle), experiencing one of the many festivals or taking a dip in Lake Balaton, Hungary has a unique experience for everyone.

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