Webinar Lithuania, Pearl of the North

More and more tourists are looking for a different experience during their holiday. It doesn’t always have to be a sun-sea beach holiday anymore. Authenticity, nature and alternative destinations are becoming more and more important. A trend that will only continue within Europe through the current crisis. In Northern Europe you will find such  destinations that knows how to surprise every tourist in a positive way.

A vast and hilly landscape dotted with many lakes. A coastline with incredibly beautiful beaches. Beautiful nature reserves such as Koerse Schoorwal where you can see the moose walking through the high dunes. Culture on top in the capital Vilnius known as ‘the Rome of the Baltic States’ or places full of history like Trakai Castle. Lithuania is much more than a city trip destination. You too can discover it during our webinar on 29 September. We will take you along highlights and surprising ideas.

10:00 — 11:00
Zoom online webinar,



10:00 — 11:00


Zoom online webinar

What to expect?

  • A webinar by the National Tourist Office and some partners
  • A general introduction to Lithuania
  • Tasting Nature and Culture
  • Getting to know cycling routes through Lithuania
  • Reliving the Cold War: Missile from the Cold War in Plateliai, the nuclear shelter of Kaunas, the KGB museum in Vilnius
  • Presentation of a number of new top hotels
  • Getting inspiration from a city trip about Kaunas or Vilnius
  • Learning about gastronomic experiences in Lithuania
  • A surprise package ‘Lithuania in a box’ for a lucky winner

This video brings you in the right mood.


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